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Collections management and publication full-web software



 SKINsoft pursues research in the collection management industry. 

SKINsoft, a research laboratory

For the past five years, SKINsoft has been pursuing fundamental research with the goal of designing contemporary software tools in the collections management industry.

Simplified or automatic inputs, complex media management
Traceability, resource sharing, ergonomics
Publication, exchanges, interface and network management
Collaborative work, electronic document management

SKINsoft has a core of solution-rich applications, available for many different trades and services. The model is based on an open structure, allowing the creation of customized programs for different types of needs: for any type of museum, library, archive, media, or archeological collection.

Thanks to our research and development, we can offer full-web applications accessible via an internet browser, on different terminals (computers, mobile devices, interactive terminals, etc) which enable a quick and easy discovery of the application's different features.

Our innovative approach takes a different direction in research and development from classic approaches. We create software meta-models which can be adapted to a wide range of needs and fields. An open base allows the automatic generation of applications.

We are able to quickly and easily set up personalized applications for diverse needs, and to rapidly evolve the applications in the SKINsoft suite.


  • 14 avril 2012
    It seems essential for a software editor specialized in heritage collection management to move closer to international expectations, to integrate standards and norms, to allow better communication...
  • 23 décembre 2011
    In its English version, SKINmuseum plans for the internationalization of the solution developed by the SKINsoft team. Everything is designed so that museums, no matter what language used, can quickly...
  • 24 septembre 2010
    In 2012, the SKINsoft application suite will integrate multilingualism...


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