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Collections management and publication full-web software


To face up to more and more issues concerning the pooling of resources and tools, SKINsoft developed a technology adapted to all kinds of institutions with major networks. The efficiency of the technology was proven through successful collaborations with several departmental councils and the Ministry of Defense. 

An eclectic technology

Heading toward collaborative and shared tools.

In point of fact, with SKINsoft applications, it is possible to use a single database for several structures. Each institution can however have its own access to its database to manage its own operations.

Each establishment remains autonomous, and keeps its work methods because the application is flexible and contains configuration functions (input masks, personal dashboard...) while offering a global view on the collections. The advantages of a shared tool combined with a great flexibility ensures the smooth functioning of the network. 

Ministry of Defense : 25 museums, 3 projects in 1

The Archange project was created at the end of 2014, the Ministry had three major objectives : to install a shared collection management tool for 25 structures of the network, to create a collaborative exchange space, to offer a unifying space for a global view on the collections.

For this important project, SKINsoft offers a simple and reliable full-web solution, S-Museum : a single database for the collections of 25 museums and to build, in parallel, a federated database.

SKINsoft expertise and several meetings led to the pooling of controlled vocabularies and authority lists, and the standardization of data. The deliveries were incremental with a gradual validation.

The Ministry of Defense handles a rich heritage with S-Museum, focusing on collaborative work and shared tools. 


Departmental museums of the region of Isère

Many departments are already using SKINsoft suite for their museums, but also for the collections of their libraries, the collection of their geographical heritage, and to unite the data and the resources...

To renew its collection management tools, the Isère region chose SKINsoft suite which meets all of their needs : collection management with S-Museum, associated libraries with SKINlibris, the heritage department with SKINheritage and finally, an online display with SKINweb. Nearly 20 different structures are then able to work with the same application suite in very varied fields.

sKINsoft suite enables each structure to work and manage each museum independently, while creating links between museums (federated search, links between pages...) and supplying a shared regional database and a portal for shared collections. 




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