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Collections management and publication full-web software


The Isère department in France opted for SKINsoft and web-based technology to renew the current museums and departmental heritage collection management tools. The management of each of the 10 museums will be equipped with S-Museum/ SKINweb and the heritage service with SKINheritage/SKINweb.

Museums and heritage of the Isère department in France

The software suite SKINsoft was chosen, which allows:

.individual management of each of the 10 museum structures and geographical and historical heritage structures
. mangament of libraries associated with museums
.multi-institutional research which creates links between items, no matter which museum they belong to
.the pooling of the departmental data and the the publication of the collections, temporary exhibitions on the department's culture.

No less than 10 departmental museums will be equipped by S-Museum, SKINlibris, and SKINweb for a total of more than one million of descriptions : Musée Dauphinois, Musée de l'Ancien Évêché, Domaine de Vizille-Musée de la Révolution française, Musée Hébert, Musée Hector-Berlioz, Musée de Saint-Antoine-l ‘Abbaye, Musée Champollion, Maison Bergès, Musée de la Houille Blanche, Musée archéologique Grenoble Saint-Laurent, Musée de la Résistance et de la Déportation de l'Isère, Musée d'art sacré contemporain Saint-Hugues-de-Chartreuse.

The movable and immovable inventory of the departmental heritage will be equipped with SKINheritage and SKINweb.

The departmental scientific teams (and eventually the general public, via the internet) will be able to manage large collections which cover different types of fields (ethnography, Fine Arts, archaeology, decorative arts, industrial heritage, etc.),  photograph libraries (black and white and color prints, negatives, slides, ektas, glass plates, etc.. …); libraries, documentation centers (monographs, periodicals, letters, sheet music, manuscripts, books, documentary files, etc.),  moving images and sound archives collections,  scientific databases (movable and immovable, oral, archaeological heritage), multimedia files (images, audio, video, documents)...



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