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One-to-one services

SKINsoft has a competent team available to guide your project from the beginning and to provide long-term support. 

A strong commitment to service

The SKINsoft team is close to both the many different professions that it encounters every day and to key players. Each encounter is an opportunity for both parties to learn, share, progress.
Modularity is the key term which guides our research and development programs. The result is flexibility of applications customization and fast implementation of specific features.
The team offers internal or external hosting solutions, an optimized hardware architecture according to memory needs, the strength and network of our application systems and the customer context, and maintenance services and data back-up.
Multi-establishment, multi-trade, automation of tasks, connection rfid, virtual tours, intermediations, aggregation and harvesting, management of multimedia terminals... We are passionate about many things. Ask us.


  • 12 avril 2018
     In 2015, the Cinémathèque Suisse (Swiss Film Archive) has been implemented in a new facility located in Penthaz, near Lausanne.
  • 06 juin 2012
    Do you have a project, and would you like to meet us to assess our business applications? Contact the SKINsoft team; we will offer you a suitable appointment, the opportunity to exchange ideas about...
  • 05 juin 2012
    SKINsoft regularly organizes discovery workshops of our collection management and publishing solutions. This is an opportunity to discover our most recent implementations, innovations and features...


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