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Everything is moving very fast and many spectacular projects are emerging: projects dealing with new technologies, virtualization, interface, web 2.0. ….

We are talking about social networks, mediation, immersion. For museums, as places of knowledge, everything they know is being turned upside down. Visits are becoming virtual, the imagination takes form in 3D, localization loses its meaning, culture has to be available everywhere...

In this multitude of offers, surrounded by passing phenomena, we have to find our bearings, make the right choices.

This is the everyday life of a cultural center manager or a museum curator in his choice of guided tours, of equipment, of events, of communication. Business service providers find themselves in the same situation, trying to find a balance between innovation and stability, short-term and long-term decisions.

Responding to the needs of the cultural sector, software developers are looking for innovations, inventors and system integrators of new business solutions.

Since the beginning of SKINsoft's adventure, the free software sector caught our eye; we desire to contribute to this community momentum, this collective project.

We are working today to develop and increase the reliability of tools that we and others are using daily to build software solutions that are more reliable, flexible, accessible and cost-effective.

The question raised at the beginning of the project was: Does SKINsoft have to be a free product?

The business model for free software is very real. In the U.S.A. for instance, it primarily concerns universal software tools which are free from the business sector; the development community is therefore dynamic, and the durability of the product is guaranteed.

For business applications, the context is usually different: the software lifetime is uncertain, and so is the maintenance. Everything has to do with the persistence of the development community.

SKINsoft is an open product, an assembly of open-source programs, but the core of its business application is proprietary software. For our customers, this means a long-term quality of service guarantee.

More than the software, free or proprietary, it's the technology we use that makes our programs accessible to every kind of company, small collection or great museum. Thus, the full web software, accessible from any computer equipped with a web browser and connected to a network, is without a doubt within everyone's reach.



  • 29 septembre 2017
    Cultural institutions from all over the world can use the SKINsoft applications and share their collections using their mother tongue
  • 28 septembre 2017
    For several years, SKINsoft has offered modern and innovative solutions to French and international cultural institutions allowing them to share and highlight their collections on the web.
  • 01 décembre 2016
     The Centre régional des Lettres chose SKINsoft technology to manage and publish a modern portal presenting its written, graphic and sound heritage. 
  • 01 décembre 2016
    The application myEXPO is a production tool for everything involving the artworks life. An innovating tool to manage artworks in transit. 
  • 01 décembre 2016
    Virtual exhibitions and museums, digital catalogs, educational or documentary interactive content... SKINsoft develops tools adapted to today's concerns regarding online collection and private...
  • 24 novembre 2016
    Today, the Musée Rodin uses the modern full-web application suite SKINsoft, S-Museum and SKINweb. 
  • 23 novembre 2016
    To face up to more and more issues concerning the pooling of resources and tools, SKINsoft developed a technology adapted to all kinds of institutions with major networks. The efficiency of the...
  • 22 novembre 2016
    This innovative museum offers a unique perspective on global conflicts. The Historial du Paysan soldat chose S-Museum, a software of the SKINsoft suite to document its artworks. 
  • 24 février 2016
    These avant-garde museum chose SKINsoft to manage and publish its collection and editorial content. 
  • 24 février 2016
    An innovative tool to manage the different transfers of works of art used by the Musée Rodin and by the Maeght Foundation.   
  • 24 février 2016
    With online connections, the collections of museums, foundations, corporations... become digital.      
  • 24 février 2016
    The two museums chose S-museum / SKINweb to manage and publish their collections.This ambitious choice demonstrates American interest in SKINsoft's web-based technology. 
  • 02 février 2014
    Working in collaboration with "L'Agence privée", SKINsoft achieve an innovative virtual visit application made with 3D real time  
  • 23 janvier 2014
    Over the past few months 4 departments in France adopted SKINsoft fullweb Suite to manage their collections, museums, libraries, geographical heritage, medias ... Isère, Lot, Tarn and Savoie...
  • 17 septembre 2013
    The city of Toulon Provence Méditerranée acquired S-museum solution to computerise his inventory, manage various collections and organize exhibitions, events, objects movements... of...
  • 25 août 2013
    The Regional Preservation of museums wishes to computerise collection management and the museums of Tarn in France now use S-museum, SKINlibris ans SKINweb to manage their object inventories, share...
  • 20 juillet 2013
    There are places that deeply mark their time... Maeght family and Marguerite & Aimé Maeght Foundation in Saint Paul de Vence have spend their whole life supporting various artists.
  • 06 mai 2013
    Since April 2012, the S-MUSEUM application for museum collection management has been awarded the SPECTRUM label. One more step taken by SKINsoft in its performance and ergonomy research.
  • 06 mai 2013
    This year, the SKINsoft team was attending the MuseumExpo in Baltimore, the annual meeting of museum professionals in The United States.
  • 15 janvier 2013
    In early 2013, The Fenimore Art Museum and The Farmers' Museum, two museums in the state of New York, chose S-museum / SKINweb.
  • 03 janvier 2013
    The Isère department in France opted for SKINsoft and web-based technology to renew the current museums and departmental heritage collection management tools. The management of each of the 10...
  • 15 décembre 2012
    In France, the National Museum of Education recently chose S-Museum / SKINlibris / SKINweb for its contemporary and powerful collection management and publication tool (the museum contains 940,...
  • 03 décembre 2012
    The museums of the Lot department will soon be equipped with the S-Museum / SKINweb web-based software suite to manage and publish their collections online. 
  • 20 novembre 2012
    The Lactalis group manages a corporate heritage collection equipped with S-Museum in Laval. This installation followed the equipping of the AIR FRANCE heritage service.  
  • 15 novembre 2012
    The "natural history" version of the S-Museum application is currently being installed in Le Havre. Digital management and internet publication of the Museum's collection in early 2013.
  • 15 septembre 2012
    July 2012 The Museum of Saint Brieuc's collections are eclectic : between land and sea... art and history of the Côtes d'Armor... and underwater archeology... A major reason to choose S-...
  • 06 juin 2012
    Do you have a project, and would you like to meet us to assess our business applications? Contact the SKINsoft team; we will offer you a suitable appointment, the opportunity to exchange ideas about...
  • 05 juin 2012
    SKINsoft regularly organizes discovery workshops of our collection management and publishing solutions. This is an opportunity to discover our most recent implementations, innovations and features...
  • 14 avril 2012
    It seems essential for a software editor specialized in heritage collection management to move closer to international expectations, to integrate standards and norms, to allow better communication...
  • 20 janvier 2012
    PAIR (Pôle archéologique Interdépartemental Rhénan/Interdepartmental Archeological Complex of Rhénan), pilot operator of preventive archeology, has once again chosen...
  • 23 décembre 2011
    In its English version, SKINmuseum plans for the internationalization of the solution developed by the SKINsoft team. Everything is designed so that museums, no matter what language used, can quickly...
  • 15 décembre 2011
    May 2012 Europeana Inside brings together European museums and software collection management. Europeana Inside is established in line with the major European initiative "Digital Agenda for...
  • 03 septembre 2011
    Today, SKINweb is the new software application for configuration and synchronization used by the Museum of Decorative Arts (Paris) to document their website, their intranet website, and mobile...
  • 27 juin 2011
    AIR FRANCE's archives and heritage service chose the S-Museum application suite to create and publish its collection. Since 1933, many artists, designers, and advertisers have had the...
  • 09 novembre 2010
    Since October 2010, the S-Museum application, museum collection management, is validated by the Museum Service of France for the regulatory modules : inventory and decennial audit. One more step...
  • 10 octobre 2010
    At SITEM in January 2011, the SKINsoft team will present the new features that integrate the S-Museum software for managing contemporary art collections.
  • 24 septembre 2010
    Great French museums are interested in SKINsoft
  • 24 septembre 2010
    Very early on, the Hotel Dieu des Hospices de Beaune chose SKINsoft solutions.   
  • 24 septembre 2010
    More power, more features, exponential growth
  • 24 septembre 2010
    In 2012, the SKINsoft application suite will integrate multilingualism...
  • 24 septembre 2010
    The CNCS, located in Moulins, contains the costume collections of the National Opera of Paris, the National Library of France (BNF) and the French Comedy.
  • 14 septembre 2010


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