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Our Client References

SKINsoft now has a presence on the European and North American continents, and our applications are being used by cultural institutions, businesses, and private collectors, who all have the same expectations of professionalism and performance. 

With our tailor-made solutions, our clients have become our partners.


  • S-collection

    Air france

     The Air France group's archives and heritage service manages very diverse collections, from advertisements to uniforms to archives to photographs…  
  • Pôle Archéologique Interdépartemental Rhénan


    Archeological Complex of Rhénan

     PAIR (Archeological Complex of Rhénan), in keeping with its spirit of innovation, has partnered with SKINsoft to develop a tailor-made application dedicated to the world of archaeology.  
  • Musée et patrimoine


    Museums and heritage of the Isère department in France

      Twelve museums and a geographical heritage collection are equipped with the SKINsoft application suite. This is the largest regional conservation project in France: more than one million objects…  

    André Malraux Museum of Modern Art

     The André Malraux Museum of Modern Art, a stunning seaside museum, was a project implemented by André Malraux under his ministry and was inaugurated in 1961. A prestigious collection of Impressionist artwork: Boudin, Monet,...


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