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Collections management and publication full-web software


S-Archeo is a web-based software, specially developed for the management and the monitoring of preventive and programmed archaelogical operations. 
S-Archeo meets the needs and requirements of structures of all natures and sizes. 


A mobile, user-friendly, easy-to-use software, with a contemporary design
A secured access to data, wherever you are
A powerful storage and research tool, with many different features
An evolving, open, and interoperable application
A customizable, configurable application
A multi-establishment, multi-trade, collaborative work tool

Features :

Collections management
S-Archeo offers the possibility to record archaeological materials and everything linked to them. You can organize contents for an easy and direct access to all types of data. You can record all kinds of materials, process transactions in rural or urban areas, manage stratigraphic units and facts. You can also define the parameters of your input template by adding or deleting computer fields. S-Archeo is the perfect solution for editing a large quantity of data: a help feature is available and SKINsoft's research laboratory regularly develops new tools to make data processing easy, to normalize data and to accelerate input. The application offers various input methods : form, tabular, in batches, input masks.

Media is essential to the program: S-Archeo integrates media library management features (pictures, videos, literary or administrative documents, sound recordings). You can store your files, extract at any moment an HD picture or a smaller format, import your media quickly and easily, reinsert your media from different programs, and create new files.


Advanced business features
The application offers business features which respond fully to the current needs of archeology. S-Archeo is a flexible application which can be adapted to different work environments and allows archaeologists to define an input grid adapted to each situation. S-Archeo will accompany you throughout your discoveries: you can perform pre-inputs at the site, carry out more developed and analytic inputs, write excavation reports and edit lists of materials.

A workflow is at the heart of the process, which facilitates the preparation of operations (planned excavations, diagnosis, explorations, surveys...) and projects such as exhibitions, studies, diagnosis, editions, educational activities...In addition, you can gather all related documentation (administrative documents, contracts with insurers, pictures, cutting plans, etc.).
The workflow guarantees speed and efficiency.
All the actions carried out by the different users (archaeologists, site managers, restorers, experts...) are gathered in a single application.


The software offers the following features :

Operations, inventory, excavation report and documentary enrichment 
S-Archeo simplifies the approaches of: cataloging, adding materials, stratigraphic units and facts, excavation documentation (cutting plans, pictures, sketches, topographical data...),  lists annexed to an excavation report (list of objects, bones, samples, list of US and facts...), and offers an easy access to documents (monographs, scientific articles, proceedings, cartographic documents, manuscripts...).

Collections management, location, conditioning, restoration and preservation
S-Archeo allows you to organize, archive, control the presence and the location of archaeological materials within the storage places, to organize packing of materials and reserves management, to make condition reports, to measure the volume and to proceed to a restoration if necessary.

Movements, transports, insurance, exhibitions, loans and borrowing
The functions related to the movement of archaeological materials are listed in the application and
enable users to follow, plan and document the different materials' movements, which can be tracked by a Bar Code or RFID chip. You will be kept informed in real time of all matters concerning the flow of goods: goods outbound for an exhibition, goods to restore, etc. In addition, the software integrates an insurance estimation function.

Management of archaeological documentation, copyrights
With S-Archeo you can manage the copyrights related to archeological documentation.
Alert messages appear indicating if you have the right to publish the element(s) in question.

Access to the different functions of the application
Management of contents and of the rights of each user is integrated in S-Archeo, guaranteeing confidentiality of certain contents of the application by controlled access. The users cannot exceed the scope of action confided to them.

Imports, exports and printings, interoperability
S-Archeo is an application that supports exchange (data, pictures, documents…).
In this way it includes functions such as importing/exporting files ( Excel, PDF), media (media extraction in various formats and in various sizes), thesaurus, and allows the sharing and the synchronization of data with third-party applications.
The application includes management and configuration of your print models.

Controlled vocabulary, search, archiving
Your inputs are based on a controlled pre-existing vocabulary, specific to your needs. You will be able to perform a quick, easy search using a contemporary web tool, or a more advanced search using all the fields and controlled vocabulary.



 Applications and complementary modules:

A collection publication application, a publication and management interface for editorial content

A multimedia documents management application which is integrated in S-archeo

An application for management of intermediate and definitive archives

An application for collections management in libraries and documentation centers 

An historic territorial heritage management application