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Collections management and publication full-web software


SKINarchive is a web-based software, which coupled with S-Collection or S-Museum, will provide you with all the necessary tools for the management of archives. The application offers a professional solution for the long-term preservation of your physical and digital archives.


Special Features:

A mobile, user-friendly, easy-to-use software, with a contemporary design
A secured access to data, wherever you are
A powerful storage and research tool, with many different features
An evolving, open, and interoperable application
A customizable, configurable application
A multi-site, multi-trade, collaborative work tool

A component of a software suite which covers all the management needs of records management and company archives.

Features :

Archives management
SKINarchive gives you the possibility to integrate all your archives, to customize their management and to guarantee an easy access to every type of data.
With SKINarchive, you can configure your own input template by adding or deleting computer fields.

Thanks to media management specially developed for the SKINsoft suite, SKINsoft integrates efficient management technology in your digital archives.


Advanced business features
The application offers business features which respond fully to the current needs of contemporary organizations.

A workflow is at the heart of the process, thus guaranteeing speed and efficiency. All the actions carried out by the different users are gathered in a single database.


The software offers the following features :

Inputs record, classification scheme,  vocabulary enrichment

SKINarchive simplifies  the installment process within the archives service, which allows you to quickly and easily input new arrivals, classify them according to the filing plan, automate their registration in an inputs record, and describe them according to the applicable standards (ISAAD-G, ISAAR-CPF).
With SKINarchive you can also manage your own management chart and configure the interoperability of all your archive documents.

Audit, packaging, localization
With SKINarchive you are able to organize, archive, and control the location of your archive documents within your storage place.
In addition, a module dedicated to packaging enables you to classify documents held in containers (boxes, filing cabinets, cardboard boxes), to describe the features of these containers and to manage the physical space available. All temporary departures from a storage place for consultation are archived.

Access to the different functions of the application
Management of the contents and of the rights of each user is integrated in SKINarchive, guaranteeing confidentiality of certain contents of the application by controlled access, in accordance with the archives' standards. The users cannot exceed the scope of action confided to them.

Imports, exports and printings, interoperability, longevity
SKINarchive is an open application that supports exchange (data, pictures, documents).
It includes functions such as importing/exporting files, which guarantees the longevity of archives (XML, EAD, CSV, PDF…), media (media extraction in various formats and in various sizes), thesaurus, and allows the sharing and the synchronization of data with third-party applications.
The application includes management and configuration of your print models (management of installment and elimination slips). Finally, SKINarchive offers the possibility to share data with the collection management applications S-Museum, S-Collection, and S-Archeo, which allows you to link archive documents with collections items, materials, assembly items, and items from archaeological excavations.

Controlled vocabulary, indexation, search
The indexation and the classification of your archives are based on  configurable  technical vocabulary. You can perform a full-text, multi-criteria search, or by navigating in the classification scheme. Your search tools can be easily edited in EAD format and also in office format.