Groupe Hybride

Collections management and publication full-web software


SKINmedia is a web-based, autonomous or complementary software, very easy-to-use
SKINmedia integrates photograph library, video library and multimedia library, and is able to classify, organize your media (sound, 3D, picture…) as you wish to.


Special Features:
A mobile, user-friendly, easy-to-use software, with a contemporary design.
A secured access to data, wherever you are.
A powerful storage and research tool, with many different features
An evolving, open, and interoperable application.
A customizable, configurable application
A multi-Establishment, multi-trade, collaborative work tool


storage, classification and thesaurus
With SKINmedia you store, convert and transfer all kind of media, file from a computer or an external service. You can refine the cataloguing of these media, adding a description, key words to files... Organize the thesaurus of your SKINmedia (possibility of adding, deleting, substituting...).
You can document parts of media (function of media monitoring), picture area, short soundtrack and video, documentary extracts…
SKINmedia provides a tool of albums and tags management, which allows to optimize organization and access to data.

import, export, interoperability, printing and publication
SKINmedia is an opened application to exchange (data, pictures, documents…), which can be completed or harvested by third-party applications.
It includes functions such as importing/exporting of files (Excel, PDF, IPTC, EXIF, XMP), media (extraction of media in various formats and in various sizes), thesaurus and allows the sharing and the synchronization of data with third-party applications, S-Museum, S-Collection, S-Archeo, S-Foundation or any other applications.
With SKINmedia you can exchange, print visuals, videos, pictures, permalinks, flash codes, easily, by mail, or publish them on an internet portal.

SKINmedia ensures respect of copyrights. They appears as alerts notifying, for example, a right expiring, if you have the authorization to use, publish the file, media in question.

access to the different functions of the application
Management of contents and of the rights management of each user is integrated in SKINmedia, guaranteeing confidentiality of certain contents of the application and a use consistent with the predetermined use. The users cannot exceed the scope of action confided to them.

search engine
The user of the application can carry out a quick search which uses contemporary web tool (title, author, date, description…), or a more advanced search using all the fields and controlled vocabulary (Boolean search...). The words and expressions are combined to facilitate the search and the use of SKINmedia.

collaborative work
SKINmedia is a collaborative work tool very easy-to-use, which allows to organize, distribute, exchange and share media between users (files comments, media classification…). The users’ tasks appear as alerts.

customization and configuration
The application offers you the possibility to configure and customize the interface (display mode, colors, files of description, language, print patterns…). In this way, you can adapt SKINmedia application to your graphic environment (logo, photograph library of your company, corporate identity and style guide…).

traceability and statistics
SKINmedia incorporates the traceability of media in order to follow in real time actions implemented.

diffusion and share on social networks
SKINmedia offers the possibility to publish your media on social networks (Facebook, tweeter…) if they are exported on a web portal.