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Collections management and publication full-web software


SKINweb is a web-based software dedicated to the publication of collections. SKINweb allows users to pool databases, to organize them, to publish them on the web or to make them available for third-party applications.



Special Features:
A mobile, user-friendly, easy-to-use software with a contemporary design
A scalable, open and interoperable tool with powerful storage capacities
A customizable, configurable application
A multi-establishment, multi-trade, collaborative work tool


On the SKINweb side

Harvesting or third-party applications, synchronization, pooling
SKINweb enables you to harvest in OAI-PMH, to import and synchronize data from different sources (spreadsheets, SGBD, integrated collections management systems…) and to constitute an autonomous, federated and searchable database. SKINweb also enables the synchronization of data with S-Collection, S-Museum, S-Archeo, and S-Foundation applications or others.

Data enrichment, search, sorting
SKINweb allows you to provide added value to the different harvested collections, via different functions of data enrichment: you have the possibility to create thematic files and multidisciplinary virtual exhibitions, federated search functions from a basis of different origins, sorting based on selected criteria, links between descriptions of various fields (museum items, archaeological materials, movable and immovable heritage, bibliographical descriptions, media), translations of descriptions in different languages…

Publication of collections
SKINweb has a configurable exporting tool:
- One or more web portals : share collections with the general public, publish online virtual exhibitions, thematic files, scientific collaborative work portal with limited access…
- Third-party applications: virtual visits on mobile phones, 3D visits in real time, documentation via contemporary media, tablet computers, touch screens, terminals, multimedia…
- OAI storage for harvesting through search engines (,

SKINweb incorporates an automatic updating feature for published data using a simple management interface. SKINweb allows you to perform automatic daily updates of the content of each description published, according to updates in the management applications of source collections (a SKINsoft application or third-party applications). SKINweb enables you to update published contents : adding descriptions, fields, search criteria, modifying thematic files...

Data and media management, copyrights
With SKINweb you can manage the copyrights related to data and media.
Alert messages appear indicating if you have the right to publish the element(s) in question.

Access to the different functions of the application
Management of contents and of the rights of each user is integrated in SKINweb, guaranteeing confidentiality of certain contents of the application by controlled access. The users cannot exceed the scope of action confided to them.


On the Portal side

Personalized contemporary interface
The interface is fully personalized and configurable, and reflects your corporate style.

User-friendly and semantic search
The web interface is a user-friendly space for published collections. Internet users can perform a classic or more advanced search, visit virtual exhibitions and explore collections by theme, and finally establish their own selections of descriptions to export, print, or share on social networks.

SKINwebPortal gives different benchmarks adapted to the new practices of navigation, for an easy guided tour of collections, which takes into account the new expectations of semantic web (search by semantic proximity).

Referencing optimization and monitoring of web traffic
All published descriptions have a unique URL for permalinks, which optimizes content referencing on the search engine. The portal's web traffic can be measured thanks to the simple use of statistical analysis.